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Brett Favre Inks Memorabilia Deal with Radtke Sports

Gulfport, MS December 7, 2015 – Radtke Sports launched an exclusive long-term memorabilia agreement with former NFL quarterback Brett Favre.

Radtke Sports will market and distribute Favre’s premier line of autographed memorabilia. “I’m excited to launch this revolutionary memorabilia program. Radke Sports has created a model that will work to protect the integrity of autographed memorabilia,” stated Brett Favre. “All future items signed by me for sale have the new numbered hologram that will be recorded on the Radke website. Any time you are looking at a piece of my memorabilia with the new hologram, you can visit the Radke website to authenticate it by the number on the hologram.”

To learn more visit or

With over 15 years of experience, Radtke Sports is based in Georgia and is an industry leader in autographed memorabilia and sports marketing.

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